Get your side hustle off the ground and have fun doing it


What is the “get grinding accelerator program”?

If you’ve ever tried starting a business, you know how hard it can be. Because I’ve been through the process (more than once), I wanted to create a simple, affordable program to help make it easier (and more fun) for people to start and grow a side hustle.

So I created a 3-month program designed to do the 3 things I wish I had when I was starting:

1) To get laser-focused on either a new side hustle or to speed up the growth of one you’re already working on.

2) Give you specific, custom tips and strategies that you can implement right away to help you grow asap.

3) Connect you with a few other people in the same situation as you, so you can all help each other, motivate each other and (if needed) complain to each other.

What’s included in the program

It includes:

  • A 1-on-1 call with me every 2 weeks, where we’ll talk strategy and create a game-plan that you can start working on right away

  • Email checkins to make sure you’re staying on track

  • A monthly mastermind call with 4 other members of the program

  • Access to a private Facebook group to remain in contact with your group throughout the week

Who it’s for

The program is targeted at people who are ready to commit to taking action with a group of like-minded people. Because of this, I require you to apply so I can make sure you are a good fit and would be a good candidate for the mastermind calls and Facebook group.

The cost of the entire program is $2,000. This gets you 6 strategy calls with me, email checkins, 2 mastermind group calls and access to the Facebook group (forever!). Some people charge $500 for a single call, but I’m more focused on providing value to others who want to get started and help grow an awesome community.

But please: only apply if you are serious about building/growing a side hustle and are willing to spend $2,000 for it (the price will only be going up in the future).

if interested, fill out the form below to apply

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Josh was a huge help for the direction of my business. He re-focused my attention to the market I wanted to target, helped me discover several marketing strategies, and gave plenty of creative, actionable ideas that I could implement immediately. He is very friendly to talk to, easy to work with, and his advice is well worth it!
— Jennifer Fryer,