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Solopreneur business

What is a Solopreneur?

Solopreneurs are those individuals who do it all on their own. If you own and run your own business (or you’ve always dreamed of doing so), then you aren’t just a small business owner. You’re a solopreneur. And while you may value working independently and enjoy wearing many hats to keep your business moving, you may also face some challenges. Starting a business isn’t always easy. That’s why I created Solopreneur Grind.

Find Support for Your Solopreneur Business

After spending years working as a solopreneur, I realized how lonely it can be. So I started a solopreneur blog, podcast and awesome community that shares insights and experiences with each other so we can get the solopreneur support we need.

Here's How I Can Help

Follow my solopreneur business journey

One of the hardest parts of solopreneurship is just sticking to it – so I started a daily business email to take other business owners on my journey! I share what I’m doing, learning, reading and more, once a week. From tips for generating passive income to content marketing tools, I’m learning it all and want to help you do the same.

Solopreneur Podcast

If you want to learn the secrets of successful small businesses or get solopreneur business ideas, then the Solopreneur Grind podcast is just for you. I’ve interviewed over 100 successful small business owners about how they got started, lessons learned, and tips for anyone looking to become a solopreneur. You won’t want to miss an episode if you’re starting a business all on your own.

Solopreneur Blog

I’ve always loved learning from the experiences of other successful solopreneurs, so I decided to document more of my journey, share key lessons and solopreneur business ideas along the way. Make sure to check out the blog to read all about how to be a solopreneur, struggles to avoid and much more!

Recent Solopreneur Blog Posts

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