“Find someone who has a life that you want and figure out how they got it.”

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It’s not often that I quote Lana Del Rey, but if you want to start or grow a business of your own, one of the best things to do is model other people who are where you want to be.

That’s why I started Solopreneur Grind - to hear the stories of successful solopreneurs and share the knowledge and lessons with others.

After interviewing dozens of successful solopreneurs (on the SG Podcast) and growing my own company over the last few years, I took my key takeaways and turned it into a free 5-page PDF that’s super easy to read and implement.

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why join the list?

1) You’ll get my free PDF explaining how dozens of successful solopreneurs (and me) grew businesses to 5-figures in revenue per month as quickly as possible

2) An email every Friday with authentic, actionable business tips, stories and motivation (because being a solopreneur ain’t easy without support)

3) Join a community where we can all grow together - because the solopreneur journey can be a lonely one but you don’t have to travel it alone.

in the free pdf you’ll learn…

The reality of what it’s like starting and growing your own business (including timelines) so you know what to expect.

3 key steps to start or grow your own business, and exactly how to do each of them (step-by-step), with examples of how I did each of them in my own business

Specific action items you can take right away to get started on your new business, whether you have an idea or not.

who am i?

I’m a solopreneur who runs a law firm by day, while interviewing dozens of other successful solopreneurs by night.

Solopreneur Grind is focused on content that helps others through the grind of starting or growing your own company because of how difficult and lonely the journey can be.

I want to help and motivate others to start or grow whatever it is they want - a business, blog, Youtube channel, etc. and create a community where we can all do it together

Get the Free PDF and Start Your Solopreneur Journey Today!

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