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My passion for talking and writing about business really started about 3 years ago. I always loved podcasts. Unfortunately, most of them seemed to be solopreneur millionaires interviewing other millionaires… about being millionaires! What about those who are just starting a small business or side hustle?  

I couldn’t find a podcast I really connected with. Where I could listen to average Joes talk about how they started and grew their small businesses, without any of the extra fluff.

So, I started the Solopreneur Grind Podcast. I interview entrepreneurs about how they started and grew their own businesses in a wide variety of industries – from consultants, to digital marketing experts, to professional athletes and more! We explore a wide range of topics, including gaining more time freedom, developing passive income, networking with other successful business owners, strategies to grow your business, and much more.

I also sometimes record the SG Weekly, where I check in (just me!) and give you an update on how my last week went. I dive into lessons learned, struggles, things I’m thinking about, and usually a book review.

With over 10,000 downloads (and counting), it’s been a lot of fun and will only continue! So start listening on your favourite platform.

Solopreneur Podcast by Josh Schachnow - Solopreneur Grind

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