Why Copywriting is Important for Solopreneur Marketing

One skill I think every solopreneur should have at least some experience or knowledge about is copywriting.

No I don’t mean copyrighting, aka the legal term (snooze…). I mean copywriting, as in the art of writing in order to get your reader to do something (usually to buy something), such as in emails, on landing pages, social media, etc.

Why do I think this?

As a solopreneur or entrepreneur, you’re running a business so sales and marketing will always be important. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, a business always needs sales and marketing to drive revenue. Your solopreneur marketing strategies may include cold emails, paid ads, phone calls, in-person meetings, blog posts, etc. Or you may need to hire salespeople and know how to evaluate them.

Understanding how to craft a good sales message will help with all of the above.

And if you learn even just the basics of copywriting, you’ll not only become a better writer, you’ll become much better at crafting a sales pitch and marketing material, even if it’s to write a script to use on your cold sales calls.

If you want to start learning and improving your solopreneur marketing, one great free resource is The Boron Letters. They are 25 pretty short letters written by Gary Halbert, one of the greatest copywriters ever, to his son, teaching him about life and how to write great sales copy. I have read through them twice in the last few years, and any half-decent copywriter will know and have read them.

Note: the first 4 chapters are more about health and life than writing good copy, but they’re examples of great writing and storytelling. Don’t just take the tips and strategies Gary teaches, analyze his writing and you’ll spot them in action even when he isn’t writing about copy!

Trust me, they’re amazing.

And if you haven’t spent much time learning to write good copy, ask yourself this: are you making use of every single written word you have posted online?

What I mean by this is – you have emails to write, Instagram bio’s/descriptions to write, websites to write.

How much thought goes into the language on those pages, and are you making the most use of them?

I re-wrote 1 of my SG landing pages over the weekend and it got me thinking about all of the potential for good copywriting out there – especially thanks to social media.

I love copywriting and have studied it extensively, but as you know, we don’t all have hours of free time to study every topic ever created.

But what I notice about a lot of solopreneur marketing and content is that the writer overlooks how important every single written word is – whether it’s on your website, an email, a social media account profile, or anywhere! And because of this, you may be missing out on opportunities to get more of your audience to do more of what you want them to do (sign up for your email list, buy a product, etc.).

For example: Your Instagram profile description – that is copy! That is a prime opportunity to improve your solopreneur marketing and maybe get a few extra visitors to do whatever it is you’d like them to.

For example, your IG profile shouldn’t be: “Hey I’m Dan and I like bracelets and live in Wyoming.”

It should be: “Dan – Home-made Bracelet Shop – See our hottest deals below!”

Do you see the difference? Which one do you think would make a reader more likely to click the link in Dan’s bio?

Obviously that’s just a quick example without any IG formatting, but hopefully you get the point.

Action item: read the Boron Letters then go check all of your social media accounts and/or websites and think: is this the best messaging I could be using to get my readers to do what I want them to (ethically and morally, of course)?

This can be your IG bio, your website (every page of it), your email signature, your Facebook group description. And if you need any help, just shoot me an email at josh (at) solopreneurgrind (dot) com

I love analyzing/writing copy and am happy to help.

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